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Frequently Asked Questions

This section was especially created to help you get answers to most of the questions you may have.

To some, the field of advertorial outsourcing is still a relatively new field and questions certainly arise.

This section was especially created to help you get answers to most of the questions you may have. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, with the answers we think will help you.

What is an advertorial and is that a new thing?

An advertorial is an advertisement designed to simulate editorial content, while at the same time offering valid information to your prospective clients. Are advertorials a new thing? No, although you might think so. The noun advertorial was actually 'discovered' as early as 1961, when it made an inexplicable appearance in Webster's Third New International Dictionary.

It is widely known that people give more credibility to editorial content than to paid advertisements. After all, anyone can claim that their own product is the best. But editorial content suggests that someone else has endorsed your product or service.

What can an advertorial do for my company?

With the growing popularity of the Web today, advertorials are becoming more and more critical to the overall success of your business. You can distinguish your company from your competition, with a powerful advertorial. Marketing experts and sales professionals all agree that your ad message is everything, and the way it communicates your marketing message can often spell the difference between success and failure.

Is this a passing fad or do you think advertorials are here to stay?

We seriously beleive that advertorials are here to stay, and in fact, with the growing popularity of the Web today, it can only increase even more. We predict that advertorials will be a multi-billion dollar business in 2006 and going forward.

Why can't I write my own advertorial? Is it so complicated?

You can write it yourself and we encourage you to do it. However, our experience tells us that companies today are either too busy, don't have the necessary skills to do it right, lack the proper equipment or simply just don't want to bother with something they aren't too familiar with.

Who is and what tells me you have all the knowledge in this field? is a company with over 25 years experience in the field of marketing, sales and trend analysis. Our experienced staff of sales executives and marketing professionals have a combined expertise of more than 80 years in the field.

Additionally, is a fully owned Avantex company, a professional Web hosting firm that owns its own servers in more than four data centers in the US and Canada. Avantex is itself part of the GCIS (the General Center for Internet Services Inc.) group of companies, in business since 1996. GCIS is one of Canada's oldest and largest Web hosting company and Internet Services Provider (ISP).

How much does an advertorial costs?

Our basic advertorial starter package is called Advert Juniorô and starts at a low cost of only $ 89. For that price, you get:

       3 paragraphs of text (120 words)
       Copy editing and proofreading
       Formatting your advertorial in HTML
       Uploading to our fast Linux servers
       Hosting of your advertorial for 6 months
       Backups of your advertorial done everyday
       Individual link supplied with all advertorials

What are the advantages of using advertorials? Will my business benefit from it?

Your business will definitely benefit greatly from advertorials. The advantages and the many features of a well-written advertorial are many and will largely improve your sales.

First, an advertorial is a great way to launch a new product or service, since it informs your prospective buyers, while at the same time it promotes your product.

Just look at today's largest companies such as Procter & Gamble, Colgate, General Motors, Kodak, Century 21, Re-Max, IBM, etc. The list is long and distinguished. All these companies have realized the hidden power in such a stong marketing tool. Many of these companies regularly use advertorials to better inform their prospective clients of a new product.

Do you produce advertorials in Adobe's .pdf format?

Yes we do. There is a $ 35.00 additional charge for any advertorial produced in the .pdf file format, independently of the advertorial model you choose.

How does it work?

Once your advertorial is complete, we will send you a link that you can include in your emails, place on your website or send to prospects and clients. You can also place your link in any of your print advertising. Some of our clients place them on their intranets, extranets and B2B trading platforms. The possibilities are endless.

How long does it take to get our advertorial done and live on the Web?

As soon as we get a sample of your marketing message and once you have paid for it and approved it, it usually takes from 1 to 2 business days to complete. We then send you a link where it can be accessed from anywhere on the Web. All you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser.

Does do print advertorials or print brochures in any way?

No. is an Internet publishing organization and everything we do is made for the Web. That is why we host your advertorials on our own servers and then we send you a link to access your advertorials.

What's the best way to get started?

That's easy! Just choose from our five most popular advertorial models and simply follow the detailed instructions on your screen. Most companies order their advertorials online, using our simple email ordering system. If you prefer, you can also order your advertorial over the phone. You can access our offices from anywhere in the US or Canada, via our toll free phone lines.

We are a large company and we want to purchase many advertorials, spread over many months. Do we get volume discounts?

Yes. Companies that purchase more than 10 advertorials in the same calendar month can get quantity discounts that range between 5 to 10%. For companies that purchase more than 50 advertorials in the same quarter, they are entitled to a 20% discount on their purchases.

Why are you including the hosting of the advertorials? Can't we host them with the same company that hosts our website?

Yes, you certainly can and we don't have any problem with that. However, we include hosting on all our plans for up to a period of six months, simply because there are companies that still don't have a website, and the ones that do, often don't have the tools, the skills or the time to properly upload them to their servers. is a complete turnkey outsourcing firm that writes, edits, proofreads, formats in HTML, uploads and provide hosting for all of its advertorials on its own servers. You thus save time, money, frustration and, most of all, you can really and better concentrate on YOUR business.

What happens if we need to have our advertorials live for a longer period than 6 months?

No problem. can offer you additional months of hosting on our servers for only
$ 2.00 a month per advertorial, based on a 12-month period.

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